About me


I am a mixed media artist based in Hallaton in Leicestershire. I work from home, printing on my kitchen table and sewing in my workroom at the top of the house.

I studied fine art at university in Belfast where I pursued my interest in layers and detail.
Thread & Ink combines my love of stitch and print to draw and embellish fabrics and paper. I’m still interested in detail and layers and this can be seen in my textiles and pictures from choosing the right fabric and paper, mixing and printing the ink, sometimes using appliqué and then embroidery.

The cushions and pictures I make are all unique, I don’t make two the same. Different fabric, colours, buttons or zips. I can make to order if a particular colour or size is needed.

I love what I’m doing and I hope it shows – I’m always learning and trying new designs. Some of them work and some fail but it’s always fun.